Neue HOPE Vision R4 Lampe jetzt lieferbar

NEU >> HOPE Vision R4 EPIC Beleuchtung (Lichtleistung 1446 Lumen / Akku 5200 mAh) für Lenker STD und OS, Helm und Stirnband

Neue HOPE Vision R4 Bikebeleuchtung

Multi-sport…biking, running, climbing, exploring, adventure racing, caving, skiing… versatility is what the Vision R4 is all about. The multiple mounting options and quick release bayonet fitting enable quick and easy changes from head harness to handlebar mount to helmet bracket. Whatever your passion is you will soon learn to love the R4 for being there and sharing the experience with you. Four Cree XPG LEDs flood the path ahead with up to 1000 true, measured lumens of uniformly distributed crisp white light. That’s 65% more light output than its predecessor – the original Vision 4, whilst also being half the weight and 30% smaller. Burn time with the EPIC 5200 mAh battery pack ranges from 2:30 hours in maximum, to over 16:00 hours in low. The R4 also features a battery save mode. When the battery life reaches a critical level the lamp will drop down into the lowest power setting and flash every 15 seconds in order to maximise the remaining battery life whilst also providing just enough light to continue with caution. At this point you should take action to either change the battery pack or return home. The six power levels are split into two sequences – Race and Trail – each accessible by either a quick press or a press-and-hold of the power button from the off position. The two sequences mean improved usability. The Race sequence contains the three highest power levels, so switching from one level to another is faster and eliminates the need to pass through the lowest level, ideal for those times when maximum light is priority and battery life is not critical. The Trail sequence is there for extended periods of use when only a low level of light is needed but battery life is more of a consideration. The low power level is ideal for close contact use or to reduce glare when map reading. Trail sequence also contains the flash mode (which now pulses from dim to high) for times when ultra high visibility is required from long distance.

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