Serotta Bicycles mit grossen Problemen

Der auch hier bekannte Premiumhersteller SEROTTA Bicycles aus Saratoga-Springs USA hat offenbar grosse Probleme...

Eine Legende: das Legend Rennvelo aus dem Hause Serotta

Gemäss Pressemeldungen wurde die Produktion Anfang Monat auf unbestimmte Zeit stillgelegt. Der Gründer und bisherige Besitzer Ben Serotta hat das Unternehmen verlassen.

Hier die Meldung von der Serotta Webseite im Originalton:

New Management to Expand Production in Saratoga Springs

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (AUGUST 6, 2013) – Serotta, one of the world’s premier manufacturers of handcrafted high-performance bicycles, aims to expand production at its Saratoga Springs factory by seeking contracts to build bikes for other cycling brands.

Under a plan to restructure the business, Serotta’s industry leading manufacturing capabilities in Saratoga Springs will be offered to cycling brands interested in providing their customers with bikes built in the U.S.

“We have two distinct assets in Saratoga Springs,” said Brian K. Case, a director at Serotta’s parent company, Divine Cycling Group (DCG). “The first, of course, is the Serotta brand and its 41-year history. The second, and equally important asset, is the entire team in Saratoga. In addition to making Serotta’s bikes so great for so long, they have the skills and capacity needed to offer unparalleled craftsmanship to other brands looking to source the highest quality American-made bikes.    “We have no plan to close the Saratoga Springs factory,” Case said. “In fact, contract manufacturing represents a significant profit opportunity for the company, which in turn may support the future of the Serotta brand.”

Patrick O’Farrell, Serotta’s director of operations, will oversee all production at the Saratoga Springs facility, including the fulfilment of current Serotta orders. A 23-year Serotta veteran, O’Farrell has been involved in every aspect of the company’s manufacturing and manages its production staff. He will report to DCG’s board of directors.

The restructuring will involve putting in place a management team that is aligned with DCG’s expanded production strategy. As a result, Serotta CEO Bill Watkins and founder and President Ben Serotta have left the company. “We wish them well in their future endeavors,” Case said.

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